Monday, December 7, 2009

African Grey Babies Now 7 Weeks Old

The African Grey Parrot chicks are now 7 weeks old and full of feathers. Hand rearing the chicks has not been such a mission as we first thought and they are becoming more and more independent. They started to eat soft food over the weekend and now resides in a proper parrot cage with extra mesh at the bottom to prevent them from falling through.

The smaller one is a keen learner and already starts to react to instructions to climb onto your finger, but the feet are not yet co-operating and if she has one claw closed the other refuses. Her balance is much better than the bigger one which is a complete sweetie.

The younger one also is the most inquisitive and will investigate anything and everything you place inside the cage. She now decided she likes the soft food better than the porridge and it appears that she will be weaned long before her older sibling as she eats less porridge with every feed and more soft food and seeds.

I don't know how we are going to say goodbye to these two in two weeks time as they each has their own personality and are adorable, but I suppose that is part of breeding African Grey Parrots.

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  1. Hi Nig!
    Jy het baie moed om die kuikens so met die hand groot te maak!
    Ek sien jy het nog net vir een van die kuikens huis gevind. Ek en Leon stel belang in die ander kuiken. Vir hoeveel sal julle hom verkoop? Het julle enige vereistes vir voornemende kopers?

    Lekker bly


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