Tuesday, November 17, 2009

African Grey Chicks - 28 Days Old

The African Grey Parrot babies are growing by the hour. Feeds are now 4 hours apart - yah! More sleep, but they are cute as buttons. Each one of the African Grey chicks has his own personality and feeding time turns into playtime for them.

The photo's show the oldest hatchling after a feed, stretching those legs that must support him for the rest of his life and exercising the wings (not that those small wings would ever support the likes of the round body).

Since three days ago, they are fluffy little creatures and both discovered they have voices. Night time feeds tends to get a bit noisy and I predict the one sleeping would soon be awaken by the antics of the baby parrots.

Dont' you also want one?

From Baby African Greys


  1. Dit lyk na harde werk!! Eerder jy as ek.
    Het die kuikens al name?


  2. Nee hulle het nog nie name nie, maar ek glo sodra die persoonlikhede sterker deurkom, gaan ons beslis een van hulle "moanie" moet noem. Hy kla gereeld as mens hom ophou vry. Die werk raak darem ook minder soos hulle groter word.


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