Friday, November 20, 2009

African Grey Parrot Babies Develop Feathers

Our African Grey parrot chicks are nearly 5 weeks old now. They have grown by the hour and I think doubled in size during the last week. They are eating well and this week started to develop feathers.

Even the red tail feathers, unique to the Congo African Grey start to show.

The parrot chicks enjoy stretching their legs and simulating flight by flapping their wings - causing mayhem in the brooded as wood shavings fly all over the place. As mentioned in the previous post, they discovered their voices and now they tend to "talk" to the person feeding them (Especially if the porridge is not provided quickly enough.)

You will notice the eyes are fully open and trust me, they see quite well. The eyes will turn more yellow as the African Grey parrot matures and the black eyes are a dead giveaway for a young parrot.


  1. Hi from Bulgaria! So cute your babies Gray! I've read that they are in suit with Geminies 'coze they both are a great chatters:)

  2. I love my baby grey :) his name is budweiser and i love him!! He repeats everything i say and he tells me he loves me all day long, and when it's bedtime i can hear him say goodnight when i put his cage cover on. he's such a sweetheart, and whenever my friends walk in the front door he always says welcome home to them :) it's so cute!! I LOVE GREYS!!


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